• Animal research and ethics 
  • The use of animals in laboratory experiments where results can be related to humans. 
  • Ethical issues regarding the use of animals in laboratory experiments, including the Scientific Procedures Act (1986) and Home Office Regulations.

Past Paper Questions

  • Describe one ethical issue that needs to be considered when using animals in psychological research. (2)
  • Justify why animal experiments could be considered more reliable than human experiments. (2) October 2020
  • Describe two ethical issues, using the Scientific Procedures Act (1986), regarding the use of animals in laboratory experiments. (4) June 2018
  • Explain two strengths of generalising the results and/or conclusions from animal experiments to humans. (4) October 2020
  • Mateo needs to comply with Home Office Regulations to gain funding for his research. Discuss the ethical issues of the research that Mateo is conducting in relation to Home Office Regulations. You must refer to the context in your answer. (8) January 2020