• Decision making and interpretation of inferential statistics
  • Probability and levels of significance (p≤.10 p≤.05 p≤.01). 
  • Observed and critical values, and sense checking of data. 
  • Type I and type II errors.

Past Paper Questions

  • Jayla decided to check her data using a statistical test at p≤0.05 in order to avoid a type I error. Define the term ‘type I error’. (1) June 2017
  • Determine whether Caitlin’s results are significant for a one-tailed (directional) test at P≤0.05. The critical value table can be found at the front of the paper. (1) October 2020
  • State which statistical test Oti would have used for her data. (1) June 2018 P2
  • Sacha carried out a Spearman’s rank test. He wanted to see if his results were significant at p≤0.05. Define what is meant by p≤0.05. (2) January 2019 P2
  • Explain which statistical test Cherry could use to analyse her data. (3) January 2020 P2
  • Explain the difference between p=0.05 and p=0.01 for Hassan’s study. (2) June 2019
  • Calculate df using Table 3. The formula can be found in the formulae and statistical tables at the front of the exam paper. (1) June 2018
  • Define what is meant by p≤0.05. (2) January 2019
  • Explain what is meant by p<0.05 in relation to this study. (2) June 2016
  • Philippa decides to use a p≤0.01 level of significance on her results. State what is meant by ‘≤’. (1) October 2018
  • Describe what is meant by p≤0.01 in relation to Cha and Dao’s investigation. (2) October 2019
  • Explain one strength of Cha and Dao applying a ‘sense check’ to the data gathered in their investigation. (2) October 2019