• Use of content analysis as a research method. 
  • Analysis of qualitative data using thematic analysis.

Past Paper Questions

  • Explain one weakness of content analysis. (2) January 2017
  • Describe how Rendi could analyse the data gathered from the open questions in her interviews. (2) October 2017 (P1)
  • Researchers were asked to plan a study to test whether children’s television programmes showed positive or negative role model behaviour. Describe how the researchers could carry out a content analysis for their study. (4) January 2017
  • Mateo investigated gender stereotypes in advertisements. He decided to carry out a content analysis on advertisements that appear on television. Describe how Mateo may have carried out his content analysis. (4) October 2017
  • Describe how Jayant would carry out a thematic analysis on his qualitative data. (4) October 2018
  • Describe how Elijah could carry out a thematic analysis on his data. (4) January 2022