Obedience and majority and minority influence, as forms of social influence on behaviour. 


  • Theories of obedience, including agency theory and social power theory. 
  • Research into obedience, including Milgram’s (1963) research into obedience and three of his variation studies: rundown office block (Experiment 10), telephonic instructions (Experiment 7), ordinary man gives orders (Experiment 13) as they demonstrate situational factors that encourage dissent.
  • Factors affecting obedience and dissent/resistance to obedience, including individual differences (personality and gender), situation and culture. 


  • Types and explanations of conformity. 
  • Research into conformity including Asch (1951) and his variation studies (1952, 1956). 
  • Minority influence (Moscovici, 1976). 
  • Factors affecting conformity and minority influence, including individual differences (personality), situation and culture.