• The use of the observational research method in psychology, including the gathering of both qualitative and quantitative data (including tallying, event and time sampling). 
  • Types of observation: participant, non-participant, structured, naturalistic, overt and covert. 
Content analysis 
  • Use of content analysis as a research method. 
Case studies 
  • Freud’s use of the case study as a research method. 
Quantitative data and qualitative data 
  • List A from Topic A (Social). 
  • Analysis of qualitative data using thematic analysis. 
  • List B from Topic B (Cognitive), focusing on the chi-squared test. 
  • Animal research and ethics 
  • The use of animals in laboratory experiments where results can be related to humans. 
  • Ethical issues regarding the use of animals in laboratory experiments, including the Scientific Procedures Act (1986) and Home Office Regulations.